Spoonful: A Gathering of Stone Soup Poets

An extension of Cambridge's Stone Soup Poetry Venue.

Bridget Murphy

Words Matter – Part II

My beautiful poet
My heart giving friend
Heaven scent
Came down to descend

To help others
Make them believe
Surely there is some way
You can succeed

Free man
Peace man
Who will always find time
To understand

Wings of silver and gold
Beholds the truth
The promise
Hope is found
Under a microscope

Takes the beating
Ever so discreetly
There is no latch
No lock or key
No ego depictedly

He is from the promise land
Power of Powers
In the palm of his hand

Every word matters
A delight to be around
Catch him if you can
Too late
He is already there

Has not a chip
On his shoulder
Just a simple, “Hey”

So cool
Cooler than cool can come
He can teach you more
So much more
Than you’ll ever learn in school

He, his followers
Weekly they come
To welcome a person
Yeah, that’s you

So take notice
To all he has to say
And what is being fed
On your plate today

For there shall be
A rainy day
Reflective thought
The will
Left astray

Look straight up
My “Stone Soup Poet”
On top of your list
Right here and now

‘Words Matter’
If they didn’t would you be here?