Spoonful: A Gathering of Stone Soup Poets

An extension of Cambridge's Stone Soup Poetry Venue.

Stone Soup Issue #4

Chad Parenteau

Assistant Editor
Lynne Sticklor

Consulting Editors
Margaret Nairn
Jack Powers

Lead Artists
James Conant
Cindy Williams

Contributing Artists
Jane Chakravarthy
Edward S. Gault
Laurel Lambert
Bill Perrault
Michael E. Quigg
Su Red
Samantha Scott-Heron
Annie Wyndham

Jane Chakravarthy is a visual artist and poet. She enjoys reading books, writing poetry, painting, drinking coffee and copious amounts of red wine, not always in that order... She also enjoys vegan carrot cake! More of her work can be found at janechakravarthy.com

James Conant was recently the illustrator and cover artist for the anthology The Baby Chronicles.

Greg Ford writes: "1968: existential quandaries of post-adolescence with torpor giving way to long sojourn in classical China and art school and banishment and Satori at breakneck speed ’76 on Symphony Road. 1977: complete psychic collapse in dorms, corridors and day rooms of state hospitals until relief under the wand of wan woman under cinder sun with second wind and transpositions of the facts surrounding my situation status. 1984: appearance at City Hall…and bars and the basements of churches with first texts stabilized at the last possible minute there as well as elsewhere, more and more."

Timothy Gager is the author of eight books of poetry and fiction. He lives on www.timothygager.com/

Lo Galluccio is a writer and vocal artist living in Cambridge, who also teaches English as a Second Language.

Edward S. Gault has been active in Stone Soup Poetry, Open Bark, and Tapestry of Voices poetry events.

Carolyn Gregory has published poems and classical music reviews in American Poetry Review, Seattle Review, Bellowing Ark, Off the Coast, Main Street Rag, Wilderness House Literary Review, Stylus, and others. She has published two chapbooks and was featured in an award winning anthology. Her full length book, Open Letters, was published in 2009. Her next book, Scenario, is in the works.

Melissa Guillet’s work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Bloodroot Literary Magazine (Pushcart Nominee), Caduceus, The Cortland Review, Cyclamen & Sword, Dos Passos Review, Lalitamba, Language and Culture, Lavanderia, Muse, The Oklahoma Review, Sangam, Two Hawks Quarterly, Women. Period. and several chapbooks.

Coleen T. Houlihan is a writer living in the Boston area. For more of Coleen’s writing and to contact her, please visit her website at: http://www.coleenthoulihan.com/

Irene Koronas is the poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. Her poetry has appeared in Clarion, Lummox, Free Verse, Posey, Presa :S: Press, and many on-line zines. She has published ten chap-books and has poems in several anthologies. Her two full length books are Self Portrait Drawn From Many (Ibbettson Street Press, 2007) and Pentakomo Cyprus (Cervana Barva Press, 2009).

Laurel Lambert is an Out of The Blue artist and participant in the gallery's open mikes. In 2009, she was the recipient of the first Jack Powers Stone Soup Savor Poetry Prize.

John Landry has returned from a month of earthquakes in Chile. His book who will prune the plum tree when I'm gone was published there by Editorial Cuneta. In April he reads in San Francisco for the launch of the first issue of the new journal Amerarcana.

Gordon Marshall has written poetry for 29 years—with a lengthy hiatus between 1996 and 2004. He was educated at Milton Academy and University of Massachusetts Boston, receiving his M.A. in English at the latter in 2005. He has published seven books of poetry, the latest being Black Mountain Funk (Shires, 2010). In addition, he writes jazz criticism for AllAboutJazz.com and All About Jazz—New York. He lives in Boston.

Shannon McGinnis is a poet, visual artist, and mom of two muses. A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, she began performing poetry in September of 1999. She is winner of Tulsa’s 2000 National Poetry Slam (NPS) team qualifying competition, a member of Tulsa’s first NPS team in 2000, winner of the Living Arts of Tulsa’s 2000 Poetry Slam, and a semi-finalist alternate for the Ozarks 2001 NPS team. A regular feature poet in her home town, she has also performed in Texas, Arkansas, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Joanna Nealon has five published books: The Lie And I, Poems Of The Zodiac, Said The Sage, The Fourth Kingdom, and Living It. Her poems have appeared in Stone Soup Gazette, Poiesis, The Aurorean, Medaphors, Ibbetson Street, and the anthology We Speak for Peace.

Shannon O’Connor has been published in Meeting House Magazine, The Wilderness House Literary Review and U.M.Ph. She spends her mornings writing and during the evenings, she smiles for the corporate machine. She currently attends The Bennington Writing Seminars, where she is working on her MFA in Fiction.

Chad Parenteau recently co-edited and contributed poems to The Baby Chronicles. His current projects include a new chapbook, a print anthology for Stone Soup Poetry, and co-editing another poetry anthology.

Bill Perrault went to the Universities of New England and Maine. His graduate thesis was on the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. He has published poems in Mothwing, Boston Poet, Stone Soup Anthology 2003, and Out Of The Blue Writers Unite. He reads his poetry throughout New England and has featured at the Lizard Lounge, Gypsypashn's venue, and Stone Soup. He was recently named Producer of the Year for LTC Channel 8 in Lowell for his weekly production of the Stone Soup Poetry TV series as well as other programs.

Deborah M. Priestly runs the Out of the Blue Art Gallery located in Cambridge, Mass at 106 Prospect Street with Tom Tipton, (founder, owner). She runs the Open Bark Poetry reading every Saturday night at the gallery. Her publication credits include Ibbetson Street, Spare Change, Poesy, Fresh!, Boston Poet, The Boston Herald, The Boston Girl Guide and Out of the Blue Writers Unite (which she also co-edited). She is the author of The Woman Has A Voice from Ibbetson Street Press, an eclectic combination of healing poetry and images of women in transition.

Michael E. Quigg is an poet and artist born, raised and living in the Boston area. He is the co-host of two internet radio shows including The SpeakEasy Cafe, a weekly open mic poetry show. Samples of his various works can be found at worksofq.net

Erin Reardon is a lover, a fighter and a rock star in her own head. Some say she’s a poet too. She’s still uncertain. She has been published at Silenced Press, Hecale, the Neo-Lampshadian Outpost, Spoonful, Quillbillies, and has pieces pending with Killpoet and Zygote in My Coffee. She has featured at Stone Soup and performed open mics at Stone Soup, Open Bark, The Cantab, The Lizard Lounge and will be participating in the week long Beat Poetry Festival in CT this summer.

Su Red is a photographer and writer from Somerville who has performed at various New England venues and currently focuses on her artistic photography. Her website showcases her talent in both areas. wellredcreations.com

Thea K. Scott divides her time between Las Vegas, Nevada and coastal North Carolina. Her publications of short stories and poems include The Tonopah Review, Clean Sheets, and The Writers' Place, where she garnered a win in an anthology competition. She was a scholarship attendee at the Johns Hopkins Conference on Craft in Florence, Italy, in 2007.

Samantha Scott-Heron, when not stealing names to hide her true identity, is a poet, artist, and musician hack from Somerville, MA. Her first published poem was nominated for a 1999 Pushcart Prize by Gravity Press. She has been published in 2 River View, Sundress.net, and Frogpond. In her zombie robot life, she makes a living in technology and has a degree in Information Systems. Spoonful is her first published illustration credit.

Lynne Sticklor, The Prize Lady, is a Performance & Visual Artist, Editor, Text & Graphics Designer and Poet. She is the sole creator of The Prize Lady Experience: a one-on-one performance art piece and a grand poetic theatrical show with chances to earn "Fabulous Prizes." She edited and designed oodles of books that were independently published by the poets as well as by Ibbetson Street Press and its imprint Singing Bone Press. She has been writing more poetry and damn! There's a book of her own forming a way to come out~

Cindy Williams is a 1985 graduate of the Art Institute of Houston. Purchase her art at www.etsy.com/shop/imageryandbeyond

Derek JG Williams is a Boston based writer and performer. His poetry has been featured at venues throughout the Northeast. In 2009, he released a widely praised album of poetry and music titled A Chorus of Cites. He’s most recently had poems published in the White Whale Review and The November 3rd Club. He can be reached at http://www.derekjgwilliams.com/

Annie Wyndham is a writer formerly of Cambridge, Mass., now living in Quebec.