Spoonful: A Gathering of Stone Soup Poets

An extension of Cambridge's Stone Soup Poetry Venue.

Stone Soup Issue #1

Chad Parenteau
Lynne Sticklor

Consulting Editors
Margaret Nairn
Jack Powers
Lisa Reade

Contributing Artists
James Conant
Caleb Cole
Edward S. Gault
Bill Perrault
Cindy Williams

William J. Barnum is a mime, actor and performance poet who has been part of the Boston poetry scene for decades. His publication credits include Out of The Blue Writers Unite and a collection of poetry, Of Rare Design.

Yonit Bousany is a junior at Brandeis University, majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology. Her poetry can also be found in the Brandeis literary journal, where the children play (Fall 2006).

Anne Brudevold is the founder of Eden Waters Press, which will be releasing the first issue of its literary journal later this year. Her novel Hunter Moon is being serialized by the Wilderness House Literary Review.

Ann Carhart considers herself to be an old Cambridge poet but readily admits being born in Brooklyn and falling in love with poetry while living in the Village and attending NYU. She has an M.A. in Writing and one in Counseling/Psychology from Cambridge's Lesley University and an Ed.D. from UMass. Her poems have appeared in Cries of the Spirit, Heat City Review, Earth's Daughters, The Hartford Courant and Spare Change News. Ibbetson Street Press published her first book, Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus! She is working on her next book, A Kid From Brooklyn.

Caleb Cole is a student at the New England School of Photography, where he learns to do neat things with lights and mirrors and the fine art of How to Make Anyone Look Good in a Picture. He is also a phenomenal vegetarian cook, and a natural redhead. He currently lives in Brighton with his fiancé and their three neurotic cats.

James Conant has been living in Cambridge since 1991. He was given a slice of clay to keep himself busy when his work slowed down due to the unfortunate events of 9/11. Today, his sculptures are currently available at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery.

Susan Deer Cloud, a Métis mountain Indian, has been published in numerous journals & anthologies. Her latest book is The Last Ceremony (Foothills Press 2007). This year she received a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship. Her cat, Wu Wei, is not impressed.

Timothy Gager was a finalist in The Binnacle Ultra Short Award, the Bukowski Pint and Pen Competition and had a story notable in Story South's Million Writer Award (2006).

Edward S. Gault has been active in Stone Soup Poetry, Open Bark, and Tapestry of Voices poetry venues. His most Recent Photography exhibit Riverway was sponsored by Out of the Blue Art Gallery at the 1369 Coffee House at Inman Square in the Summer of 2007.

Steve Glines edits the Wilderness House Literary Review. He is Editor-In-Chief of the newly formed author and publishers service bureau, ISCS Press.

Marc D. Goldfinger is the poetry editor of Spare Change News and has been published quite a bit. He's just moving from one day to the next.

Paul Hapenny is a Multi-award winning Metis, Director, Playwright and Screenwriter based in Nova Scotia and Boston.

Coleen T. Houlihan is a novelist and poet who studied writing at Wellesley College . She has featured at Stone Soup, Best Sellers, Borders, The Sherman Cafe and Walden Poetry Series and published poetry in The Alewife, The Wilderness House Literary Review, Ibbetson Street, Spare Change and an erotic literary journal out of England . Her poetry can be described as sensual, magical, light and dark, with images so vivid you can lose yourself in her hauntingly beautiful world. She has released two chapbooks, the most recent titled, This Human Heart, a collection of eight poems spanning several years.

Walter Howard is a retired history professor, English teacher, and journalist. He is a member of the Longfellow Society, the Natick Writers, and the Wayland Poetry Workshop. His poems have appeared in Motive, Longfellow Journal, Ibbetson Street Press, Journal of Modern Writing, Endicott Review, and others.

John Landry is poet laureate of New Bedford. He first read at Stone Soup's Sunday night series with John Wieners, Charley Shively, and Arlene Stone in the mid-1970's at the Cambridge site in Boston. His poems have appeared in Beatitude, Sliding Uteri, Xcp, North Coast Review, New College Review, onedit, Lights&Mirrors, Citizen 32, and others. In 1986, he read at the Library of Congress at the invitation of then Poetry Consultant/Laureate Gwendolyn Brooks.

In her sixtieth year, Linda Larson has managed to bring out an autobiographical book of poetry encompassing, in the words of Howard Zinn "all the stuff of life, straight from the heart." Her poem "Under the Blanket" appears in her new book washing the stones.

Gordon Marshall is a 43-year-old poet who combines the romantic with the surreal. He draws his rhythms from jazz and from the psychedelic rock of the sixties, purifying his voice through these sounds. He finds their embryonic spirit in the poetry of the great romantic revolutionary Percy Bysshe Shelley, on whom he did his Master’s thesis in 2005. He is a jazz poet.

Ryan Miller is from Brockton. He is 22 years old. His poems have appeared in the New College Review in San Francisco. He has read at Stone Soup, the Joyce Ellen Gallery series hosted by Tom Weigel in New London, the Poetribe readings at the East Bridgewater Public Library, and at UMass Dartmouth.

Margaret Nairn was born in Pennsylvania and raised on the Island of Guernsey in the British Channel Islands. Having lived in the Boston area for 21 years, she is now involved in furthering the cause of general health. She is part of the Collaborative Artworks group in Lynn, proud to be both a member and the president, amongst artists who struggle to overcome "difficulties" by making and selling art together. She lives in Watertown and has two cats.

Joanna Nealon has five published books: The Lie And I, Poems Of The Zodiac, Said The Sage, The Fourth Kingdom, and Living It. Her poems have appeared in Stone Soup Gazette, Poiesis, The Aurorean, Medaphors, Ibbetson Street, and the anthology, We Speak for Peace.

Chad Parenteau was recently published in the anthology French Connections: A Gathering of Franco-American Poets. His Chapbook Discarded: Poems for My Apartment will be published by Cervena Barva Press in 2008.

Bill Perrault went to the Universities of New England and Maine and wrote a graduate thesis on the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. He has published poems in Mothwing, Boston Poet, Stone Soup Anthology 2003, and Out Of The Blue Writers Unite. He reads his poetry throughout New England and has featured at the Lizard Lounge, Gypsypashn's venue, and Stone Soup. He was recently named Producer of the Year for LTC Channel 8 in Lowell for his weekly production of the Stone Soup Poetry TV series as well as other programs. Inquires about his photos can be emailed to Spoonful.

This past September, to mark his 70th birthday, Stone Soup founder Jack Powers received a proclamation from the City of Boston for his contribution to the arts.

Deborah M. Priestly runs the Out of the Blue Art Gallery located in Cambridge, Mass at 106 Prospect Street with Tom Tipton, (founder, owner). She runs the Open Bark Poetry reading every Saturday night at the gallery. Her publication credits include Ibbetson Street, Spare Change, Poesy, Fresh!, Boston Poet, The Boston Herald, The Boston Girl Guide and Out of the Blue Writers Unite (which she also co-edited). She is the author of The Woman Has A Voice from Ibbetson Street Press, an eclectic combination of healing poetry and images of women in transition.

Lisa Reade is currently an undergraduate student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. She spent the summer in Boston, writing and meeting other writers, and plans to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan in the spring of 2008.

Erin Reardon is a recovering Catholic, hypocrite, and nicotine addict. She has featured at Stone Soup as well as performed open mics at Open Bark, and the Lizard Lounge. She has been published in various online magazines including Hecale, and Silenced Press. She resides in Somerville and works in Cambridge. She likes beer and Irish whiskey. A lot.

Tom Sheehan’s fourth poetry book, This Rare Earth & Other Flights, was issued by Lit Pot Press in 2003. He has been nominated for eight Pushcart Prizes and a Silver Rose Award from ART for short story excellence. He is a veteran of the Korean War (31st Infantry Regiment), a Boston College graduate after Army service, and has been retired for 16 years.

Colorado T. Sky is the National Secretary of the Highway Poets, MCC. His work has appeared in local, national and international magazines, journals and anthologies, as well as two chapbooks of poetry, a spoken-word CD and a collection of short works, River of Stone, which was nominated for a Pulitzer in 2003. His current ride is a chopped 1969 "FLXCB" dresser.

Lynne Sticklor, The Prize Lady, is a Performance & Visual Artist, Editor and Text & Graphics Designer Artist. She is the sole creator of The Prize Lady Experience: a one-on-one performance art piece and a grand poetic theatrical show with chances to earn “Fabulous Prizes." She is on-staff as an Editor and Designer in the book division of Ibbetson Street Press, with credits including Stone Soup Anthology 2003, Fairytales & Misdemeanors, The Woman has a Voice, Hot Rain, and Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus! and most recently washing the stones by Linda Larson.

Jade Sylvan lives and works in Boston. This one time she graduated from college, and this other time she met Kurt Vonnegut. "Trains" appears in her first chapbook, The Crossroad.

Tracy L. Strauss is a full-time lecturer in the Division of Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College. She previously earned a Somerville Arts Council Literary Fellowship Award for her poetry.

James Van Looy became involved with Stone Soup in the mid-70's when he lived on Beacon Hill, seeing performers such as Bill Barnum and Brother Blue. He studied mime for eight years with the Mirage Movement Theatre, eventually becoming a member of the troupe. He is currently the co-Artistic Director of Cosmic Spelunker Theatre.

Carol Weston was chosen to perform for Stone Soup's 35th anniversary reading. Her poetry has been published in The Farleigh Literary Review, Bomb, Stone Soup Anthology 2003, and The Blind See Only This World.

Cindy Williams is a 1985 graduate of the Art Institute of Houston. She has had her photography published in Pettycoat Relaxer and High Horse.

Rafael Woolf has helped to edit the work of Bill Barnum in the past, putting together several manuscripts that have yet to be published. An earlier book of his poems, I Wish That My Room Had a Floor, was first published by Jack Powers' Stone Soup Press It was recently re-released by the editors of Boston Poet.